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Environmental Leadership

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Environmental Stewardship Statement

At Energy Future Holdings, we strive to be a leader in environmental stewardship, seeking to achieve improvements that lead to cleaner air, land and water.

Environmental Policy and Principles

Energy Future Holdings, through its subsidiary companies, is committed to improving our environment by serving our customers and communities through more efficient - and cleaner - applications of energy. We are also committed to improved environmental protection measures, building on our strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations. In addition, we will support and participate in environmentally-sound solutions that also help reliably and affordably meet the growing demand for power.

To this end, Energy Future Holdings is committed to the following energy and environmental principles:

  • Cleaner Air and Water and Less Waste. We will strive for continuous improvement of the environment by operating more efficiently and exploring new solutions, even as we outperform current clean-air requirements through voluntary emissions reductions. We will continue to carefully manage water quality and consumption and conserve water resources, as well as continue to promote waste minimization and recycling.
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation. Our goal is to encourage our customers to take advantage of all cost-effective opportunities to improve their energy efficiency. To that end, we will invest in initiatives that achieve long-lasting energy efficiency improvements across all our businesses. We will promote energy efficiency and conservation through new energy management tools and products for our customers, education and conservation programs designed to reduce overall energy use, and operational improvements at our facilities.
  • Development of New Technologies. We will continue to invest in and support research efforts to develop new and emerging solutions, including, but not limited to, technologies for carbon-capture and storage, renewable energy, and end-use efficiency improvements to promote cleaner air, water and land.
  • Climate Change. To address the growth of carbon dioxide emissions and their potential impact through climate change, we will continue to advocate for economically rational policies to address greenhouse gases. We will work within our industry and across other stakeholders to help develop policies that address the issue, balance the need for reliable and affordable power, and consider the impact on the domestic economy.
  • Renewable Energy. We will continue to support policies that effectively use renewable resources to help meet growing energy needs and will seek to maintain a leadership position in the growth and development of renewable energy.
  • Resource Diversity. We will serve as an environmental leader as we work to ensure the reliability and security of a diverse resource portfolio that includes energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy, natural gas, coal and nuclear power, with the opportunities and challenges that each provides.
  • Compliance Excellence. We are committed to maintaining an excellent compliance record by meeting and surpassing all legal and regulatory requirements as we operate in an environmentally sensitive manner.
  • Minimization of Facility Impacts and Continuous Improvement. We will continue to integrate environmental considerations into our business planning and decision making to reduce the environmental effects of our facility operations. Our objective is continuous improvement in implementation of effective technologies, improving the efficiency of our operations and promoting waste minimization and recycling.
  • Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Dialogue. We are committed to furthering strong corporate governance standards, to include continuing to report publicly on our environmental progress and accomplishments. In addition, EFH and its businesses will seek to better understand the issues of concern to our key stakeholders, including customers, legislators, regulators and the communities we serve, through an open and candid dialogue with all audiences.

Environmental Review

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