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Honoring, helping heroes

To honor the men and women of the armed forces who died serving their country, the people of EFH, Luminant and TXU Energy and their families join Flag...

Job One Profiles: Ned Bonskowski

In this installment of Job One Profiles, meet Ned Bonskowski, a self-proclaimed fanboy for the Texas competitive electricity market. See how he’s work...

Empowered Moms Powering Texas

While Mother’s Day is one day a year, moms at EFH, TXU Energy and Luminant said the company goes out of its way to help all working parents be success...

A Tradition of Texas Trees

TXU Energy planted a 30-foot Bur Oak at the State Capitol in celebration of the 200,000th tree provided across the state through the Committed to Community Growth Program with Texas Trees Foundation.
“All across the planet, trees — in a wonderful profusion of form and function — literally hold the world together.” —David Suzuki Luminant and TXU...

Job One Profiles: Doug Blevins

In this installment of our Job One Profiles, meet Doug Blevins who, after 32 years as an engineer, is sowing new seeds as an environmental manager. Se...

After Hours – Brigitta Baylor

Our employees work hard but play hard, too. After Hours shines the light on the fun, interesting, cool, unusual, funky, charitable, original things em...

Listening Keeps Focus on Customers

Side-by-side sessions between customer care agents like Sharon Manual and TXU Energy leaders like Danny Taylor provide opportunities for constant improvement in customer experience.
Consumers have heard it countless times, “Calls may be monitored or recorded for quality purposes.” If TXU Energy used such a phrase, it more accur...

Job One Profiles: Allison Deuterman

In this installment of our Job One Profiles, meet Allison Deuterman, a customer quality analyst who has a new perspective on her job since becoming a ...

Engineering Electricity

Franklin ISD students recently toured Luminant’s Kosse Mine to check out the heavy equipment, coal barn and dragline operations, and to learn about mine operations, our safety focus and career opportunities in mining and engineering.
Imagination may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think about engineers. But maybe it should be. “Some people find this surprising,...

Introducing Job One Profiles: Tim Newman

From safety and mining to sales and customer assistance, our employees’ unique talents, passions and expertise help strengthen our company’s legacy of...