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News Releases
TXU Energy Challenges Consumers to Find “Watt’s the Difference” During Energy Awareness Month

October is Energy Awareness Month, and to celebrate it TXU Energy designed an interactive quiz that helps families understand how their daily activities can affect their electricity consumption and what they can do to control it.

Luminant Completes Industry-Leading Dragline Relocation Project

Using an innovative and groundbreaking approach, Luminant recently transported four draglines to new mining areas on a specialized 1,000-wheel vehicle

TXU Energy Quarterbacks “Guide to the Game” for Baylor Season Opener

Electricity sponsor of university’s $260 million stadium gives football fans game-day playbook.

TXU Energy Mobile Milestones Mark Easier-Than-Ever Customer Experience

Hundreds of thousands of Texans using mobile solutions to manage energy consumption and lower bills.

Chris Burls Named EFH’s Director of Investor Relations

Energy Future Holdings has appointed Chris Burls director of investor relations.

TXU Energy Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary of Brighten iThermostat,

TXU Energy is the only competitive retailer with a thermostat that is fully integrated into its overall system that allows customers to monitor and manage their electricity consumption. And now, a study ranks the device behind the Brighten iThermostat No. 1 for overall customer preference.

TXU Energy Tells Businesses: Demand Response Benefits Are in Easy Reach

Getting paid for reducing your company's electricity consumption might sound like a deal that's too good to be true or a plan that's only for the biggest firms, but TXU Energy is helping even the smallest businesses cash in.

Energy Future Intermediate Holding Company LLC and EFIH Finance Inc. Announce Extension of Expiration Date for Second Lien Settlement

Energy Future Intermediate Holding Company LLC (“EFIH”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings Corp. (“EFH Corp.”), and EFIH Finance Inc. (“EFIH Finance” and together with EFIH, the “Issuer”) today announced that the expiration date of its previously announced offer (the “Offer”) to purchase EFIH Second Lien Notes (as defined below) for cash as a voluntary settlement with respect to the Issuer’s obligations under the EFIH Second Lien Notes (such settlement, the “EFIH Second Lien Settlement”) has been extended to 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on July 25, 2014 (the “Expiration Date”).

We provide these press releases for reference. They contain information that was accurate at the time of original publication, but may become outdated over time. We assume no responsibility for updating or deleting outdated information in these postings.

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