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Summer energy interns leave a lasting mark on Luminant plants and mines.

A summer internship is meant to be a learning experience. For the interns that return to Luminant year after year, it’s also a chance to build lifelong relationships, technical and leadership skills, and even a new future.

Derrick Mynar is wrapping up his fourth summer with Luminant as Gas Plant Operations engineering intern at the Stryker Creek and Trinidad gas plants. He’ll soon head back to The University of Texas at San Antonio where he’ll graduate this fall, but his work on a variety of critical projects will remain for years to come. In one such project this summer, Derrick laid the groundwork to relocate the main natural gas line that supplies fuel to the Trinidad power plant — evaluating options to improve the safety of the line, designing the layout, pricing and purchasing the piping, and overseeing prep work for the project that will be completed this fall.

“I love what I do,” Derrick says of his future in the energy industry. “You’re always going to want to charge your phone, turn on the lights, watch TV and keep it cool in the house — you can’t do that without Luminant powering Texas.”


What keeps Danielle Taran coming back?

After interning for three consecutive summers with EFH, Danielle will return to the University of Arizona in August to complete her mining engineering degree.

“I know a couple people that are doing internships elsewhere and they just sit in the office with their supervisor, but here I’m able to work on projects by myself and especially this year I’ve been given more leadership,” Danielle says of her experience in maintenance and reclamation at Big Brown Mine, planning and operations at Three Oaks Mine, and quality sampling and operations at Kosse Mine.