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Beat the Heat with TXU Energy


Stay cool, stay safe, and save money during the hottest months of the year

TXU Energy and the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) have been bringing advice on heat safety and saving money to some of the most vulnerable Dallas residents for the past 14 years.

For seniors and people confined to their homes the summer heat can be more than uncomfortable, it can be deadly. By partnering with Meals on Wheels, a VNA program, TXU Energy is able to reach approximately 5,000 Dallas residents, who may not otherwise have access to heat safety information.

Dallas is just the first stop in the TXU Energy Beat the Heat program, which will take the message of safety and savings to communities all across the state.

Watch this video to learn more about the work TXU Energy and the Visiting Nurses Association is doing in Dallas and to pick up tips on how you can stay safe and save money this summer.

TXU Energy partnered with Meals on Wheels Inc., of Tarrant County and Fort Worth City Council member Joe Burns to deliver meals and heat safety advice to 2,500 Fort Worth residents.

In Houston, TXU Energy partnered with Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston and their Meals on Wheels program to reach 4,500 Houston residents.