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Conservation is a Hot Topic in Texas


TXU Energy shares unexpected ways to save on household electricity bills

Summer can be a real challenge for homeowners in Texas who want to keep cool without breaking the bank. And while there are many ways to cut back at home, TXU Energy is reminding customers of some overlooked opportunities outside the house.

raise therm2By planning activities for the hottest part of the day– usually 3 to 7 p.m. – Texans can turn up the temperature on their thermostat at home and take advantage of someone else’s air conditioning.

  • Go to the movies. Catch the latest summer blockbuster while enjoying the nice, cool theatre.
  • Check your lists. Pick up some things from your shopping list or just do some window shopping at the mall or grocery store.
  • Let someone else do the cooking. Don’t heat up your house or dirty your dishes by cooking at home.
  • Get some culture. Check out your favorite museum or visit a new exhibit.

But, don’t forget to turn up that thermostat before you leave!