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Dallas Students Take High School- and College-Level Grand Prizes


DALLAS – Cyrus Stowe and TylerHill claimed the grand prizes in the fifth annual TXU Energy Light Up the Red CarpetStudent Film Contest on Friday night. Stowe is a student at Booker T.Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Hill attends the ArtInstitute of Dallas.

“We’re very happy forCyrus and Tyler and all of the winners who did such great work telling theirstories about the importance of electricity, alternative resources andconservation,” said Donna Egen, who manages sponsorships for TXU Energy. “We’realso happy to help these students connect with film professionals at the DallasInternational Film Festival. We know the connections they make can lead to evenbrighter futures in the television and film industry.”
Stowe’s film, The Message, focuses on a young man who breaksinto song after his date asks why she should turn off lights, TVs andelectronics before heading out.
Hill’s TheSeeker follows agirl on a quest for energy in a future in which most electricity has beendepleted.
“These are verydifferent films that impressed our judges for the level of production, as wellas the clarity of the message,” Egen said.
Stowe and Hill bothwill share scholarship funding of $7,500 with their schools and will get videoediting software.
Other winners included:
High School Division
First place: Zachary Butlerof Allen High School. His film, The Beat, highlights the disregard forelectricity. He is splitting scholarship funding of $5,000 with his school and willget video editing software.
Second place: JonathanFroese, Belton New Tech High. Energy Independence shows how energy gives people independence. He issplitting scholarship funding of $2,500 with his school and will get videoediting software.
First runner-up: AliyaHaq, North Hills Preparatory. I am Electricpersonifies the electricity possibilities of the future. Haq will receive videoediting software.
Second runner-up:Audrey Ngo, Garland High School. Blink follows Lucy as she struggles tofind electricity and support her brother Paul in a world without power. Ngowill receive video editing software.
First place: MarceloVeloz, The University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg. Our Daily Miracle illustrates how electricity allows us to be better, feedourselves, connect with loved ones, create and experiment. He is splittingscholarship funding of $5,000 with his school and will get video editingsoftware.
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