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Daylight Savings Reminder of Ways to Save Energy and Money



TXU Energy Provides Three Tips to Reduce Energy Use, Save Money

Spring forward and fall back? Daylight Savings Time was designed to help conserve our country’s natural resources by promoting less energy use. But, TXU Energy is reminding customers that energy efficiency can happen year-round.

During the hot Texas summer, air conditioners around the state are in high use. During the winter, heaters are also in high demand. Take matters into your own hands and implement these surefire ways to reduce energy use and save cash throughout the year.

Here are three things you can do to reduce energy use and save cash:

1 Insulate your water heater–One of the fastest and easiest ways to lower your utility bill is to reduce your water heating costs. Do it by lowering the temperature on your water heater and insulating your pipes at the same time. Pipes covered with Duck® or MD Tube Pipe Insulation can deliver water that’s up to 4° hotter than uninsulated pipes. So lower your water heater thermostat, cover your pipes—and enjoy your savings!

2 – Get a programmable thermostat–Though all thermostats are designed to manage your temperature levels, they’re generally slow to adjust because they operate on long heating cycles. By contrast, our web-enabled BrightenSMiThermostat allows you to manage your home’s temperature from the internet while you’re away from home. So by the time you arrive at your home, the temperature will be comfortable.

3 Get an energy monitoring device–The key to saving energy is to focus on the details. The ultimate goal is to make your entire home more energy-efficient. Our BrightenSM Power Monitor lets you see your electricity use in real-time. So, when you get your bill, you won’t be surprised.

Visit www.txu.com/brighten  for information and access to a wide selection of energy-efficiency products that can help you use less electricity and save money.

We “fall back” at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 7. Be ahead by planning now to implement cost saving measures that will leave you with cash in your pocket!