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Luminant Employees Put Safety First


When it comes to safety, nothing is more important for Energy Future Holdings and its family of companies. Luminant fossil generation employees recently proved their dedication to safety by reaching several significant milestones during the third quarter.

“We’ve had exceptional year of safety milestones in fossil generation, and I’m extremely proud of our team for setting a strong example of safe operations within our company and industry,” said Mike Williams, Luminant’s chief fossil officer.

Martin Lake Power Plant Warehouse Team

Safety is always top-of-mind at Martin Lake Power Plant, located near Longview. In October, the plant’s warehouse team celebrated a significant new safety milestone — 21 years without an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-recordable injury.

A step above basic first aid, an OSHA-recordable injury is one that requires professional medical attention as minor as stitches or the issuance of a prescription medication.

“Twenty-one years without an OSHA-recordable is truly an impressive accomplishment — I’m very proud of this team,” said Ronny Foster, warehouse operational manager. “They have clearly demonstrated their commitment to safety.”

Monticello Power Plant

Employees at Monticello Power Plant in Northeast Texas are keeping several safety streaks going strong. The team first hit 10 million safe work hours in March and then in July achieved 19 years without a lost-time injury, which is an injury that requires an absence from work beyond the day or shift when it occurred. The team capped off the summer by celebrating one year without an OSHA-recordable injury.

“Monticello employees have demonstrated their dedication to each other, their work place and their community by reaching this milestone,” said Charles Koudelka, support manager at Monticello. “Through human performance improvement and employee participation, we hope to further enhance our safety culture and continue our safety successes.”

Luminant Academy

Luminant Academy, the company’s training and employee development facility located on the Tyler Junior College campus, celebrated five years without an OSHA-recordable injury in early October.

“It’s no small thing to work more than 1,800 straight days without an injury as minor as one needing a pain prescription,” said Dirk Hughes, director of Luminant Academy.

Gas Plants

And this fall, dedicated employees at Stryker Creek Power Plant team near Tyler and DeCordova Power Plant near Granbury and rang in 12 and 13 years without a DART injury, respectively. Reaching this milestone meant that no employees at either plant suffered injuries that required days away from work, restricted duty or a work transfer.