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Making it Easier for Consumers to Conserve, Stay Comfortable


Location-based controls among enhancements of a new TXU Energy partnership to give customers even faster connections and greater control over their home and business environments.

Conserve-thumbSince 2009, TXU Energy has helped Texans control their thermostats and conserve energy from anywhere they have an Internet connection. Now it’s about to get easier.

Under a new partnership with energy management and demand response software platform provider EnergyHub, the groundbreaking TXU iThermostat is getting location-based controls. That means that the thermostat for a homeowner or business owner will adjust up or down based on their preferences as they and their mobile devices move closer to or further from their homes and businesses. The controls will be tied to more than one mobile device, increasing flexibility and savings opportunities.

“When we launched the TXU iThermostat more than five years ago it was the only two-way, Internet-enabled thermostat in the competitive market of Texas,” said Jennifer Pulliam, a senior director at TXU Energy. “Now there are a tremendous number of options, which makes it critical to accelerate innovation, adding value to the customer experience and distinguishing our offering in a crowded space.”Pulliam said EnergyHub’s software platform sets up TXU Energy to provide new service features in the future. Some of the potential services could be deployed as early as 2015.

“As consumers face more and more daily decisions and continue to be inundated with information, we find that they are turning to service providers they already know and trust to advise them and to monitor and act on their behalf,” Pulliam said. “That positions TXU Energy well to deliver more value to its customers and create more engagement with them.”

The new TXU iThermostat features are expected to rollout for customers who sign up for the TXU iThermostat in early 2015. Existing TXU iThermostat customers will see the new features added later in the year.

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