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Safety Zero


Safety is always our top priority, zero injuries is always the goal

Just in time for National Safety Month, Luminant is celebrating its safest start to a year in company history. With a laser focus on zero, employees from power plants, mines and office locations have accumulated less than half the recordable injuries of the company’s next best year.

Luminant CEO Mac McFarland congratulates the Big Brown Power Plant team for three years injury-free.
Luminant CEO Mac McFarland congratulates the Big Brown Power Plant team for three years injury-free.

This is thanks in part to many sites having no recordable injuries in 2015. Of note, Oak Grove Power Plant has gone one year with no recordable injuries and Big Brown Power Plant has marked three years.

Much of the credit goes to our employees’ care and concern for their colleagues, which is a top attribute of Luminant’s safety protocol. In an outstanding example of this commitment, four miners were recognized earlier this year for working more than 40 years without a recordable injury.

The safety of our communities is a top focus at all of the company’s facilities. At Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, the team recently met the challenge of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Federal Emergency Management Agency’s biannual graded drill, which simulated an armed attack, and included full-scale activation at both the plant and the joint information center at Granbury City Hall. In total, more than 400 role players, including Comanche Peak employees, along with local, state and federal officials, participated in the drill designed to continually enhance safety and security procedures.

With the understanding that safety is not just a measurement, but a mindset, the company recently hosted regional behavioral safety conferences where nearly 500 Luminant employees attended hands-on workshops and seminars focusing on organizational culture development and the latest behavioral-based safety procedures.

Luminant is widely respected in its techniques to proactively address safety concerns and prevent accidents. Several other companies across Texas send hundreds of their employees to attend the Luminant safety conferences.