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Texas Named Competitive Electric Retail Market Leader for Fifth Consecutive Year


The Distributed Energy Financial Group LLC (DEFG) released their Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States (ABACCUS) report, identifying Texas as the competitive retail market leader for the fifth consecutive year.

According to the ABACCUS report, states that have opened their electricity markets to retail competition have seen a surge in consumer-driven product and service innovation compared with states where electricity is tightly regulated. The result is a broad and growing range of benefits for customers.

“Competition has prompted retail electric suppliers to deliver a growing portfolio of innovative energy management solutions to consumers, and consumers are responding. The overall result is greater control of costs coupled with reduced pressure on regional electricity grids,” said Nat Treadway, DEFG managing partner and lead author of the report.

“Innovation is helping drive down prices throughout the competitive Texas electric market, and giving our residential customers more information helps them to find the very best value for their electricity service,” added Chairman Donna Nelson of the Public Utility Commission of Texas in the DEFG news release.

New York also is cited for policies that have created an excellent competitive market. Illinois and Pennsylvania are highlighted as having made the most substantial progress with their competitive markets since the last year’s ABACCUS report. In addition, Connecticut, Maryland, and the Canadian province of Alberta are acknowledged for their policies that foster choice for residential electricity customers.

Copies of the full ABACCUS report are available at www.defgllc.com.