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Texas Tribune Highlights TXU Energy’s Contributions to Demand Response


TXU Energy is helping to provide solutions when peak energy usage in Texas becomes a problem.

Thermostat-2_jpg_312x1000_q100In a recent feature article from the Texas Tribune, energy reporter Kate Galbraith outlined ways customers and companies are working together to cut back on demand during peak times. Known widely as “demand response,” the topic came up often at a grid reliability workshop last week at the PUC, and regulators in Austin would like to encourage more of it.

The TXU Energy BrightenTM iThermostat is a key component of the demand response strategy, and advanced metering features prominently in the Texas Tribune’s coverage. Galbraith identifies TXU Energy customer Robert Rhea, who has two of the high-tech thermostats in his University Park home, as an individual among the “small but growing number of Texans who are signed up to assist the electric grid when it is strained.”

According to Jennifer Pulliam, director of product innovation who is also identified in the story, Rhea is one of tens of thousands of TXU Energy customers who volunteer for the conservation program, which allows for air conditioning cooling units to be cycled for about 15 minutes at a time. In addition to helping the state to avoid staged rolling outages, Rhea and other program volunteers enjoy year-round savings opportunities and Internet-enabled control of their thermostats. The thermostats also are integrated into TXU Energy’s overall suite of solutions that give customers choice, convenience and control over their power usage and spending.