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TXU Energy Helps Low-Income Customers Conserve


Free TXU iThermostats are just one way company supports community

Whether it’s recovering from a disaster or understanding how to manage electricity spending, TXU Energy has a long tradition of helping fellow Texans. That’s why it’s only natural that the company is participating in a state program to put energy conservation technology into the hands of low-income customers.

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Low-income customers can save up to $180 a year by using a smart thermostat’s energy efficiency settings. Those who qualify for the state’s LITE UP Texas program can get a free TXU iThermostat by contacting the company.

Customers who qualify for the state’s LITE UP Texas program can get a free TXU iThermostatSM with professional installation and access to online controls by contacting TXU Energy.

“Controlling when their heating and cooling systems run is one of the best things consumers can do to control the amount of electricity they use each month,” says David Hammons, a manager in the TXU Solutions team. “The TXU iThermostat is available to nearly all TXU Energy customers and we’re glad to have this opportunity to provide it for free to qualified customers on the LITE UP Texas program.”

The TXU iThermostat was the first two-way, Internet enabled thermostat available in Texas’ competitive retail electricity market. Customers can control the device from its full-color touch-screen or from any Internet-connected computer, laptop or mobile device.

The thermostat also has the only multi-device locations-based controls. That means the thermostat adjusts to customers’ preferences based on how close or far they are from their homes. Similar thermostats have location-based controls tied to only one mobile device, which limits comfort and savings opportunities.

“Customers can save up to $180 a year just by using the thermostat’s pre-loaded, energy efficiency settings,” Hammons says. “They also can see the potential savings or additional spending that’s associated with every degree of change they make. That’s powerful information to help any customer make the right choices for themselves and their budgets.”

TXU Energy and other retailers participating in the program receive a rebate from the state for many of the costs associated with providing free technology to LITE UP Texas customers.