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TXU Energy Highlights Common Mistakes in Small and Medium-Sized Business Power Purchasing


DALLAS – Entrepreneurs and small business operators often approachelectricity contracting for their businesses the way they do for their homes. Thatcan be a costly mistake, particularly in competitive areas of the state.

TXU Energy on Thursday will present a seminar on powerpurchasing as part of the Small Business Expo at the Dallas Convention Center.

“TXU Energy is proud to sponsor the Small Business Expo, thelargest national business-to-business trade show, conference and networkingevent,” said Gabe Castro, vice president of business for TXU Energy. “We areespecially excited to provide insights for purchasing electricity.”

While the seminar will focus on power purchasing strategies,small business experts at TXU Energy also are sharing these common pitfalls:

Buyer beware

Some providers offer stripped-down per-kilowatt-hour energy rateswithout outlining add-on and pass-through charges – which could at times doublethe monthly costs for businesses and expose them to unwanted risk.

Missing the fineprint

Some retailers use contracts that give them unilateraloptions to change customers’ rates.

Missing the end date

Busy business leaders sometimes put off renewing electricityplans or switching to a preferred provider. That can mean expensive month-to-monthrates and hasty decision-making.

Time your term

Not all providers offer unique contract lengths to fit a business’sneeds or align with a business’s lease.

Ceding control

With electricity consuming a significant amount of businessspending, it’s a bad idea to leave things such as lighting and HVAC controlsuncontrolled. With the two-way Brighten®iThermostat, business owners can control their thermostat settings across theirbusiness, even remotely.

Right to choose

Unless their signed leases say otherwise, all businessowners in the competitive areas of Texas have the right to choose their retailelectricity provider. Be aware that some property owners may get a commissionfor steering business toward particular retail electricity providers.

Trusting thenonexpert

There are many brokers and consultants in the marketclaiming to be energy experts. Business owners need to know their credentials,as well as their fee structures.

Sacrificing service

Business owners know that customer service counts, and anelectricity retailer that says customer service isn’t important probably won’tprovide much service when a customer needs help – and might actually chargemore for it.

“We provide business customers choice, convenience and controlover their electricity spending,” Castro said. “We have a wide range of solutionsand services to help small businesses grow, as well as deep experienceserving business customers in Texas.”

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