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TXU Energy Talks Turkey About Thanksgiving Energy Efficiency


Thanksgiving is all about consumption, and that’s TXU Energy’s focus when it comes to not only eating – but also cooking – the day’s traditional feast. This turkey day, TXU Energy is providing tips that may help customers reduce electricity consumption while still enjoying the full flavor of the day.

The National Turkey Federation estimates that 46 million turkeys were consumed last Thanksgiving and the average weight per turkey was 16 pounds. Since the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends cooking a thawed, stuffed turkey that size for 4-4.5 hours and electric ovens set at 350° for an hour use 2 kWh, you could be consuming roughly 8 kWh of electricity just to cook your holiday bird, not including the sides.

That can really add up when you look at the total number of turkeys that may be roasting across the nation this Thanksgiving. According to the California Energy Commission’s Consumer Energy Center, 58 percent of American households use electricity versus gas for cooking. That means more than 26 million turkeys may be roasting just in electric ovens alone – and more than 213 million kWh of electricity may be used just to cook the traditional centerpieces.

That’s nowhere near what’s spent for holiday meal ingredients, but it still adds up. Based on the most recent federal electricity pricing data, $25 million may be spent on electricity to roast America’s turkeys across the nation this Thanksgiving.

Electricity-Saving Tips for Thanksgiving
To cut back on your electricity consumption while still savoring all the food, fun and festiveness of the day, TXU Energy offers the following conservation tips as you plan your cooking and your gathering for the holiday.

  • Consider an alternate method of cooking your turkey, like grilling or frying it outside.
  • Use your crock pot or microwave for side dishes where you can.
  • If your heat is turned on, turn the thermostat back to 68 degrees or lower and enjoy the warmth of your kitchen.
  • Switch the blades of your ceiling fans upwards to draw heat down into the rooms you’re using.
  • Use an ice chest or cooler for drinks if you’re hosting a large group to cut down on wasting electricity when the refrigerator door is open.
  • Use LED lighting if you’re decorating with holiday lights already. It’s more energy efficient.
  • Leave off lights and ceiling fans in rooms you’re not using during your holiday gathering.

Check out TXU Energy’s new infographic for more flavor on this.

For more tips on conserving electricity, go to txu.com/energytips. And, for specialty items that can enhance your kitchen’s energy efficiency during the holidays and any time of year, go to onlineenergystore.com.